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Finally, a unique clinic where

experience & expertise combined with

revolutionary technology delivers you results!

We introduce you to the

WORLD'S FIRST custom hearing aid

with contactless charging and bluetooth


Tailor made to your ears to give you all-day comfort.

Insio AX_Insio_in_hand.jpg

contactless charging

means no more messing around with batteries. 

Android and iPhone connectivity for calls, music and TV.

Stream your audio direct to your hearing aids!

Dancing Alone at Home

Connect to your Audiologist for fine tuning via your mobile phone.

If you can't get to our clinic because of distance or COVID, that's ok!

We can connect to your hearing aids remotely.


Tiny, discreet hearing aids. 



Experience the difference,

book your free consultation today. 

Our principal Audiologist, Raquel Fernandez, with more than 20 years helping people with hearing loss, is committed to excellence in hearing healthcare. 


At Fernandez Hearing we pride ourselves on providing unrivalled service and continuously strive for excellence. We are locally owned and independent, providing impartial advice. Accredited by the Commonwealth Government and Private Health care providers, Fernandez Hearing supplies all major hearing aid brands. We never stop learning. We keep abreast with all the latest research and technology.

Not all hearing clinics are the same. Good old fashioned service, accompanied by the latest advances in hearing health and technology sets us apart from the rest. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping our clients. At Fernandez Hearing you can rest assured that you’re in safe, expert hands.

Ready to improve your hearing? Contact us now to book your complimentary consultation!

Fernandez Hearing is accredited by the Australian Government to provide free hearing services and and a range of free hearing aids to Pensioners. Book your free hearing test today

Locally Owned & Independent

This means we provide our clients with impartial advice and are suppliers of all major hearing aid brands. We are also local. We are here to help and ready to take your call.

Accredited by the Australian Government & Private Health 

This means that we are accredited to provide fully subsidised services and hearing aids to eligible Pensioners*

We are also registered with Private Health providers which means hearing aid rebates for clients with private health cover.

University Qualified Audiologists 

This means only university qualified & trained Audiologists will assess and manage your hearing. Our Audiologists continuously undergo professional development and keep abreast of new developments in hearing health and technology to ensure you receive the best outcomes.

Members of Audiology Australia

This means you'll be receiving help from a professionally qualified audiologist who is accredited by the peak national representative body for audiologists in Australia

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